Player Evaluations Players 2008,2007,2006,2005


Before you come to tryouts, please make sure you:

  •  Bring a current US Club Soccer Form (All players must complete a new form.)
  •  Copy of Player’s Birth Certificate (We will keep this.)
  •  Wear a Grey or White Shirt

EVALUATION: Players should be prepared to demonstrate their full capabilities during the tryout. We will use technical skills, 1v1s, 2v2s, small sided games, and full-sided games to evaluate players.
TEAM SELECTION:  Players will know the result no later than the end of the final day of their age group tryout.

  • For U14 and younger, players will receive a player contract that informs them which team that they were selected for, or if they have been named as an alternate. At that point, parents should report to the Acceptance Table to complete receive final instructions.

*Note: When receiving the notice, we encourage players to open the contract privately with their parents, and to be respectful, knowing that not everyone will be excited about their placement.

ONLINE REGISTRATION: All players will be required to register online within 24 hours of being selected to the team.

  • If you have completed the online tryout registration, or if you played for the Texans in the past 2 years, then you will not need to create a new Household. Instead, you will need to update the registration for the player.
  • If you are new to the Club, and did not complete the tryout pre-registration, then you will need to create a new Household within the registration system. Please keep the confirmation email so you can use the passcode to log back in to your account.

FIRST PAYMENT: When registering, the system will require your first month’s payment. Additional payments will be made every 30 days following your successful first payment. See the Easy Plan Document for payment information.
UNIFORMS: This will depend on which team you are placed on. Quest Teams will have uniforms included in the registration.  New Texans players are required to purchase a minimal package for $215. Current players may use the 2016-2017 uniform for this season, or choose to purchase a new kit. Players will order and pay for new uniforms through

CLUB DUES PAYMENT OPTIONS: Club Dues payments may only be made with a credit card or debit card online. The club does not accept check or cash payments for club dues. If you do not have a credit or debit card, you can purchase a pre-paid debit card from most grocery stores.
RAFFLE TICKETS: The Texans will hold a raffle this August. Players may sell tickets and receive 4% off their club dues for every five tickets sold. If a player sells 125 tickets, then this would cover Club Dues for the season. Raffle participation is optional.

LATE PAYMENTS: Late payments are subject to late fees, and can result in player suspensions.

DISCOUNT: There is a Quest Discount of  $15 discount automatically applied if all fees are paid in full at the time the first payment is made.

FINCACIAL ASSISTANCE: Please contact the Director to Learn More about how we can help.

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